WP XPLOR Conversions

Problem: Too stiff on small chop yet blows through stroke quickly on larger obstacles.

The WP XPLOR fork is an interesting design in that it has both the compression and rebound adjusters on the fork caps, one leg handles the compression while the other manages the rebound. Although this sounds great from a “use-ability” perspective, overall it had created a compromised design that is hard to overlook. In order to compensate, the internals should be made larger, but that’s not the case. As a result, the fork internals can be overworked quite dramatically. The valving in the XPLOR fork also leaves room for improvement. The fork comes set up to handle a narrow set of demands. Namely, slower speeds and smoother terrain. But as soon as you raise the speed of the terrain, or it gets a little rougher, the XPLOR’s lose some comfort and predictability.This has resulted in a unique situation where riders are complaining of fork fade. It’s a very rare phenomena, previously unique to a rear shock.On the compression leg there is a somewhat unique “xplor valve” that is not much more then a piston and spring, it creates very little damping. Since this valve creates next to no damping the stock compression valve (base valve) is quite heavy on valving. This gives the fork a feeling of being stiff initially and then blows though the stroke on higher velocity hits. The Race Tech kits converts the XPLOR valve into to a gold valve and turns this fork into more of a traditional open chamber design, much like these bikes had in 2011 and later. The kit removes the xplor valve and replaces it with a rebound valve and allows you to install a mid valve for better compliance and more tuning options. The kit also includes adjustable compression bases to the bottom of the each fork and convert both adjusters on the top to be rebound adjusters. For the techies out there, these compression bases also have the ability to run a Low Speed Valve (LSV) circuit which gives the fork more hold up, without making it harsh. 

If the fork caps on you bike look like this you have WP XPLOR Forks.

Like the WP 4CS fork the main issue the WP XPLOR fork is the lack of adjustability in the low-speed compression circuit. The stock configuration is basically just a stack of fixed shims with no bypass i.e) no clickers. To make matters worse, the OE mid valve is not efficient at controlling high-speed / high-flow compression velocities either. Faster riders will push this fork past it capabilities quite easily.

This leads to little to no adjustability on the fork, mainly due to a poor MV “piston” design.

The general consensus among riders is that the fork deflects a lot, particularly on rocks and roots.

XPLOR Fork Caps
XPLOR “Mid-valve”


After installation of the WP XPLOR conversion kit one can expect the following:

  • Less defection on rocks/roots and small chop
  • A more planted front end feel
  • Bike will feel more stable/settled at turn in
  • Increased confidence 🙂

This conversion kit starts with new adjustable base valve assemblies that is designed with an adjustable bypass circuit. The adjustable bypass allows you to externally adjust the the low speed compression of the forks. The new base valves also have increased compression damping to accommodate for the overly soft low speed damping of the stock setup.

The kit also includes a new rebound assembly (the mid valve) with completely redesigned internals to offer a more tuneable high speed flow control through a piston and shim stack.

A new hydraulix bottoming cup seals the cardtidge tune to iprove damping response time and bottoming control. The extended adjustment range gives better option for all terraing including sand, hard pack and rocks, this helps to increase grips, cornering and jumping maximimiszing overall ride quality and stablity for a safer and more postive control on the motorcycle.

Rider Feedback – after conversion

Conversion Includes the following components

  • Fork Comp Valves
  • Fork Comp Adjustable Base
  • Rebound Gold Valves
  • Rebound Mechanism
  • Replacement Cartridge Cap