There is no modification that increases rider confidence more than lowering. Experienced riders know that being able to touch the ground is half psychological, but try telling that to someone who is just learning. Even the most experienced riders know that there is something that just feels right about being able to get a foot on the ground.

Unfortunately, mainstream motorcycles only come in one size for each model. For the “average height” rider this is usually not a problem but what if you are shorter than average (or have short legs for you height)? It can be daunting trying to balance a heavy bike when you’re struggling to touch the ground. Uneven and/or slippery surfaces can make manoeuvring a bike out of tight situations a challenge that doesn’t necessarily enhance the riding experience.

Most dirt bikes can be lowered 25-50mm very easily, if you need more than 50mm consider shaving your seat along with the lowering service. If you need more we can talk, it can usually be done but it takes a little doing. Street bikes have less travel but most can be lowered 20-30mm without issue. Keep in mind that when lowering motorcycles it is a give and take game. Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of lowering, for most the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


  • Increase confidence and control
  • Improved stability


  • Reduced ground clearance
  • Side stand may have to shortened

Note: There is normally no need to permanently alter any of the main suspension components when lowering. Any lowering should be fully reversible without having to purchase any net new components.