Our fork and shock services are preventative maintenance services to be performed between rebuilds. In general we recommend servicing your suspension every 25-30 hours. The main goal of this service is to flush contaminated fluid from your forks and shock and to replenish them with clean fluids, much like an oil change in your car. If your forks or shock are leaking we would recommend a rebuild service.

– Blown shock seals can cause other internal damage, most often to the reservoir bladder if equipped.
– Parts, fluids and taxes extra

Fork Service

The main goal of this service is to flush contaminated fluid from your forks and replenish them with clean fluids.

  • Drain fluid from outer chambers and flush assemblies
  • Remove cartridges and check for proper operation
  • Drain cartridges, clean and inspect
  • Inspect inner tubes for nicks/scratches and dress
  • Refill cartridges and outer chambers with high performance fluid
  • Bleed cartridges and test for proper operation
  • Set fluid levels and check for smooth fork operation

Shock Service

Our shock service replenishes your old fluid, the shock will be vacuum bled and recharged with nitrogen to the manufactures specification.

  • Drain old fluid from shock body and flush with chemical cleaners
  • Clean and inspect assemblies for wear
  • Inspect bladder and/or pistons seals
  • Inspect shock shaft for nicks or scratches
  • Refill with 3W full synthetic shock fluid
  • Vacuum bleed and recharge with Nitrogen

Linkage Service

Servicing your suspension linkages and swing arm pivots will reduce friction, prolong bearing life and make your suspension more responsive. Our linkage service includes the following:

  • Remove linkage and axles from bike
  • Clean and inspect bearings and bushings
  • Review worn components with customer
  • Replace components as required
  • Grease bearings and sleeves
  • Reassemble, torque and verify smooth operation