Below is a breakdown of our current pricing, please note that prices can vary a little on some products due to the fluctuating CAD dollar. Wear parts and fluids are an additional cost for all services. We also have a small shop supplies and environment fee charge (suspension work is a messy business). The environmental fee is used to dispose of your used oil in an environmentally friendly way.

Fork Service$150.00Fluids only (30hrs or less) intended racers who do frequent fluid changes.
Shock Service$150.00Fluids only (30hrs or less) intended racers who do frequent fluid changes.
Fork Rebuild$250.00Disassemble forks, split tubes, inspect and clean components, install new fork seals and bushings, includes changing cartridge fluids.
**Note: Repairs to damaged cartridges will be an additional cost, we will contact you to discuss.
Shock Rebuild$250.00Disassemble shock, inspect and clean components, rebuild seal head, install new low friction piston bands if required, fill with full synthetic fluid, vacuum bleed and recharge nitrogen.
Lowering ServicesEmailLowering often requires additional machining and speciality parts (make/model dependant).
Shop Supplies$10-20.00Rubber gloves, chemicals, paper towels, greases, etc.
Shop Rate$90.00/hrShop rate applies to any work outside of our standard services.
Environmental Fee$5.00Safe disposal of your used oil.
Fork Seals$52.50/forkSKF Low Friction seals and dust covers.
Fork Bushings$30.00/forkPrecision teflon coated slide and glide bushings.
Forks Springs$200.00Precision wound Silicon Chromium (SiCr) springs.
Shock Springs$205.00Precision wound Silicon Chromium (SiCr) springs.
Customs Springs$250-350Custom springs are often required on adventure bikes.
Race Tech Gold Valve System
EmailIncludes Race Tech Gold Valves and personalized setting for your riding ability.