Below is a table outlining some of the more common suspension upgrades we do. Review the benefit section of each option for a description. If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call!


SpringsBalance the chassis and set the ride height
FluidsDon’t underestimate the value of quality suspension fluids. Quality fluids have a higher Viscosity Index making them more stable at high temperatures and are more slippery than low cost alternatives. They also have anti-foaming agents that enhance damping.
Low Friction Fork SealsQuality fork seals should have two qualities, low friction and good durability. We use SKF seals.
Heavy Duty Fork SealsThe enduro/cross-country crowd is rough on equipment. If durability is more important than low friction we would recommend SKF Heavy Duty seals.
WP AER Spring ConversionSome people just don’t like air forks, for those we have spring conversion kits. Long term the spring conversion is actually less expensive to service. Air forks require seals to be well maintained or guess what happens .. the air starts to leak out !!
WP Xplor Performance UpgradesThe WP Xplor forks found on current model KTM’s and Husqvarna’s are great forks for the rider that is not pushing the limits of the fork. One main issue with the fork for faster/demanding riders is the lack of compression damping control. Our performance upgrade kit gives you that control back.
Low friction coatingsThere are a lot of low friction coatings out there. The most predominant are Diamond Like Coating (DLC) and Kashima. Each coating has its own application, they are expensive and they work. And let’s not kid ourselves, they look very trick, which makes you faster of course. Reducing friction on anything reduces the force required to make it move.
Working with your local tunerPriceless 🙂


SpringsBalance the chassis and set the ride height
FluidsShocks require high end fluids. Shock velocities are considerable and temperatures are much higher, stable slippery fluids are a must.
Bladder conversion kitsMost WP shocks come with reservoir pistons while Showa and KYB units come stock with bladders. Shocks equipped with bladders tend to have better small bump absorption characteritics.
Low friction piston bandsStock piston bands particularly on Showa shocks have a massive amount of stiction. Low friction piston bands allow the shock to react faster improving wheel control and grip.
Low friction coatingsReduces overall friction and heat.
Compression AdjustersIncreased tuning options. We use compression adjusters that offer 8 turns of High Speed compression adjustment and 47 clicks of Low Speed adjustment.