Our fork and shock maintenance service is as a preventative maintenance service to be performed between rebuilds. In general we recommend servicing your suspension every 25-30 hours. The main goal of this service is to flush contaminated fluid from your forks and shock and to replenish them with clean fluids, much like an oil change in your car. Note that this is not a rebuild service (see below for rebuild services). If your forks or shock are leaking i.e) the fork or shock seals are blown, we would recommend a rebuild service.

A fork / shock service is our basic service that involves disassembling the main assemblies, inspection of common wear surfaces, verification of proper cartridge operation in forks and the inspection of the shock bladders and piston bands in shocks. We flush the old fluids with chemicals and refill with fresh fluid, shocks are vacuum bleed and have the nitrogen recharged.


A fork/shock rebuild involves the complete disassembly of the damper. All components are inspected for wear and new components are installed upon customer consent. Fork seals are replaced and shock seal heads are rebuilt. Fork tubes and shock shafts receive a fine finishing treatment to reduce friction and prolong seal life.


Suspension tuning is more than just doing a re-valve. It involves consulting with the rider, selecting the proper springs rates, setting spring preloads (internally and externally), setting oil heights, setting sag and tuning the damping system i.e.) the valves and shim stacks. See the “Tune” section under Our Services for a more detailed description of our approach.


The suspension world is full of innovative products right now. Check out the suspension upgrades section for a table that reviews some of the most common performance upgrades.


There is no modification that increases rider confidence more than lowering. Experienced riders know that being able to touch the ground is half psychological, but try telling that to someone who is just learning. Even the most experienced riders know that there is something that just feels right about being able to get a foot on the ground. See LOWERING under OUR SERVICES for more detailing information.