Our re-valve service leverages Race Tech’s Digital Valving Search (DVS) system and proven Gold Valve Technology. The installation of Race Tech components, customized valving and performance springs are performed as part of our Fork or Shock Rebuild service.

Race Tech settings have been dyno tested and track proven. Rider and motorcycle specific settings are computer calculated using the Digital Valving Search system. The DVS takes into consideration rider weight, height, skill level, type of terrain, preferred stiffness and even lowering options. It also takes into account model specific information such as a bikes weight bias, swing arm length and shock leverage ratio’s.

The DVS has been developed and refined over 20 years and calculates more than just shim stacks. It also computes spring rates, oil heights, sag values and base clicker settings from over 300,000 possible combinations.

Race Tech Gold Valves are designed to break through the limitations of the OEM valve designs. Aftermarket pistons exceed the limitations of OEM designs and extend our tuning capability. When you break it down, tuning suspension comes down to manipulating the flow oil through orifaces and ports. The force that a shimstack will experience is determined by the dimensions and shape of the piston port area, piston design is key. For those that like to get into the details, below are some fun facts about ports.

  • An increase in the port area results in an increase in force at the shim face and a decrease in the maximum flow velocity.
  • A decrease in port area results in a decrease of force at the shim face and an increase in the maximum flow velocity

Gold Valves and DVS settings are under constant development. Race Tech R&D has developed and tested over 3000 piston designs. The original Type 1 Gold Valve designs that revolutionized the suspension industry in the 80’s have been super-seeded by the Type 2, Type 2 (G2R) and now the Type 3 Low Deflection (G3-LD) series.

Race Tech G3-LD Gold Valves

The G3-LD Gold Valve is Race Tech’s third generation low deflection design. This newest design creates more shim leverage and decreased angular shim deflection resulting in better control of the valve stack and in turn more comfort and control for the rider.

Top suspension performance requires firm bottoming resistance with plushness at the same time. Even the best suspension tuners can only make the stock valving design work so well. The Gold Valve Shock Suspension System is a proven bolt-on shock valving system that improves control, traction, performance and bottoming resistance.

  • Increased flow area puts valving control on the shim stack for outstanding tuneability from trail to supercross.
  • Improved, long wearing, low friction sealing design decreases fade.
  • Includes Shock Gold Valve Piston and Valving Shims

Race Tech Rebound Gold Valves

Many rebound valving systems are grossly inadequate. No matter what modifications are attempted, the forks will never perform with precision and control. Race Tech rebound gold valves offer the advantage of both adjustable Mid-Valve and Rebound settings.

Race Tech components are available for most Dual Chamber Showa and KYB as well as WP 4CS, XPLOR and Xact/Pro forks. They are designed to break through the limitations of stock piston designs. Research has shown that the stock piston ports induce unnecessary harshness.

Re-valving stock pistons has limitations in that we have no control over the piston design. Aftermarket piston designs are machined from high grade materials, have more intricate port shapes and profiles that are just too costly for the OEMs to mass produce.