Personalized Handling Feel

We take the time to understand what characteristics you like to feel from the handling of your bike to give you the most individualized result. From Rally and Enduro riding to Motocross and Freestyle, we have experience improving the handling.

Increased Comfort

Our Suspension Revalve always focusses on keeping a smooth feel to the action of your suspension, also known as removing the steps in the valving. For a more desert-style setup, this improves the plushness, but this same practice also keeps a stiff motocross setup very rideable by reducing harshness.

Improved Control

No matter what style of riding you do, our Suspension Revalve is designed to give you an enhanced feeling of control while riding. The same step-reducing measures we take with your suspension benefit the control you feel as your suspension doesn’t abruptly react or deflect.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You only pay for a Revalve once. Period. For as long as you own the same bike, we’ll work with you to update your suspension to keep you as confident and comfortable on your bike as you hope to be.