The main thing you need to know about friction is that it is BAD !!! Friction is the enemy!!! Anything we can do to minimize friction will make your bike more compliant. What does compliant mean?

Below is a list of things we can do to reduce the friction.

  • Grease – people will spend $$$ on suspension work and neglect their bearings – and wonder why their bike doesn’t handle right… making greasing your bearings a priority.
  • Proper Wheel Installation (Click here for tips)
  • Torques – don’t underestimate the importance of this.
  • Suspension Fluids – Not all fluids are created equal
  • Alignment – Learn how to install your shock (Click here for tips)
  • Low friction components – (seal bands)
  • Coatings – Kashima Coat, DLC, Hard Anodizing & WPC
  • Assembly Processes
  • Funny but true!

And after all of this, guess what, no two shock are alike!!! What do I mean by this?