Motorcycles and Mountain Bikes are greatly affected by their spring rates. No other type of vehicles is …

The stock springs that come on your bike are generally made for a 155-175 pound person that rides motocross. If you do not fit this description the spring you get with your bike may not be fit for your weight and type of riding.  This translates into an incorrect suspension set-up that will hamper your performance.  Kontrol Suspension Solutions carries premium quality springs rated for your weight.

Kontrol Suspension Solutions can work with you to spec the proper spring rate for your bike. Choosing the proper spring will take into consideration rider weight, type of riding and personal preference. Ensuring your bike is fitted with the proper spring rates is the first step towards tuning your suspension for your riding style and ability.

Correct spring rates and Race Tech Gold Valves will increase bottoming resistance and plushness over braking bumps, as well as square edged chop. We guarantee it! The main advantage of Hi-Performance Springs is that they have a high stiffness-to-mass ratio.